Four Things To Know About Selling Your Used Car To A Junk Car Buyer

Posted on: 14 January 2016

When you have a car that is taking up room in your yard, but is not drivable anymore, you may want to consider selling it. Many people think that they cannot sell a car that cannot be driven, but that is not the case at all. There are junk car buyers like Ingram Auto Sales Inc that will come to your home and buy the car from you regardless of its condition. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about selling a used car to a junk car buyer.

The Car Must Be Accessible

When the car buyer comes to buy the car, a tow trunk needs to be able to easily get to it. If there is a lot of vegetation growing up around the yard, take a weed eater and trim everything and clear a path for the tow truck to use to get to the vehicle. If the vehicle is not drivable and not accessible, there will be no way for the buyer to get it out of your yard.

The Car Must Be Sellable

It does not matter if the car has been deemed totaled, is a salvage vehicle, or has been deemed only sellable as a parts vehicle. The buyer doesn't care about the condition of the car. However, he or she can only legally buy it if you have clear title to give to them upon purchase. 

The Purchase Price May Not be Too High

The amount the buyer offers you for the car may only be a few hundred dollars. It is important to realize that they will be paying for all of the expense to remove the car and that they will not be reselling the car. More than likely, they will sell the car as scrap metal and not make a huge profit when everything is said and done.

Everything Must be Removed From Inside of the Car

Before the buyer arrives, be sure that you remove everything of importance in the car. The interior of the car will more than likely not be inspected before the car is crushed as scrap metal and anything in it will be destroyed.

If you choose to sell your used car to a junk car buyer, the entire process will not take very long at all. They will tow the car away for you without charging you for the towing costs. It can be a great way to clean out your yard and get some extra cash in your pocket.  


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