3 Things Your Used Car Should Have If You Have Children

Posted on: 8 September 2016

When you are shopping for a used car to transport your children, you are going to need to think about several more things than you would think about if you were just shopping for yourself. You will want your children to enjoy the car just as much as you will so that driving around in it with them will be pleasant and peaceful for you. While the needs of each child may be different, there are certain things many parents want their used cars to have in order to make it a great car for children. This article will discuss 3 things your used car should have if you have children. 

Ample Leg Room

There is nothing worse for children than being shoved into a car that doesn't fit them properly. This is especially true if you are going on a trip where they will be required to sit in the car for an extended period of time. To avoid this happening, you will want to avoid cars with only two front doors or trucks with small backseats, and instead look at vehicles that have ample leg room for your children. Sedan-style cars, vans, SUVs, extended double-cab trucks, and other large vehicles are perfect for children because leg room is not an issue at all. 

Carseat-Friendly Seating

If you have smaller children, then you likely have one or more of them that are in some type of a carseat. Since safety is of the highest importance for many parents, you are going to want to get a car that is carseat friendly. Many vehicles come with the proper hooks and automatic-tightening seat belts, but some older vehicles do not. Be sure that you check for these things when looking at different used cars, and feel free to ask the car salesman about them if you can't find them on your own. Having these will not only make your child safer, but will also make putting in and taking out your carseats much easier.  

A Video System 

If at all possible, try to find a car that has a video system installed in it. This video system will be able to entertain your children incredibly well, whether you are going on a short trip or taking a cross country vacation. Having one video screen located between the front two seats is great, but getting a vehicle that has multiple video screens can be even better. Many vehicles also have the option of having the sound go through the radio or having your kids wear headphones. Both are great options, depending if you want to hear the movie or if you want it quiet either because you need the peace or because you have a child that is sleeping. 

For more information on car features to look for when you have children, contact a car dealership, such as Woody Sander Ford.


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