Three Steps To Cleaning Up A Used Luxury Vehicle After Purchase

Posted on: 5 January 2018

Sometimes when you have a taste for luxury, nothing else will do. When it comes to cars, if you prefer luxury, you may need to have a lot of money to spend or you will need to make some concessions. If you are 100% certain that you only want a Lexus vehicle, but you are still on a budget, the next logical step is to purchase used. Finding the latest model Lexus within your budget on the market may come with a few dents and dings. Here are some ways that you should spruce up your new-to-you luxury automobile. 

Get an all-new paint job

The first thing that you want to do before assessing any money towards extra accessorizing is to get the car painted. Having a fresh coat of paint can outline how well the car looks. Sometimes, small scratches and paint that is rubbing off will make the vehicle look like it is in worse repair than its actual condition. Have the car primed and painted first in order to get a good look at your starting point for any repairs. 

Replace and tint the windows and car handles 

Over time, the windshield wipers rubbing against the vehicle will begin to cause streaks on the front windshield. It is also common for car windows and windshields to pick up small cracks and tears over the course of time. Get the windshield replaced, especially if it fails to glean as a new windshield does. Along with the windshield, have the windows tinted in order to give them an updated look. If the door handles are also chipping, have these replaced with new handles that will make the car look new from the outside. 

Replace the car floors

The one place on the interior of the car that shows the most wear and tear is the floor of the vehicle. Shoes, heels, and other items that are being transported easily wear down and cause discoloration on the floor. If the seats of the car are otherwise in good condition, have the interior floor of the vehicle replaced. After the floor is replaced, have the interior completely detailed and washed on the inside. This will remove any stains and can help to improve the natural spell of the car cabin. Once the car is washed on the outside and inside, take inventory of any other issues that you wish to take care of, then do these little by little to simulate the look of a brand new Lexus vehicle. 


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