Four Awesome Ways To Customize Your Work Truck

Posted on: 17 March 2018

If you spend a lot of time in your work truck and use it on a daily basis, you want it to be both comfortable and functional! Often, that requires customization. When you think of customization, the first things that come to mind might be paint jobs and leather seats. But the following customization options are more functional and will make life easier in your work truck.

Heated Drink Holder

When you're driving around all day, it's really annoying when your coffee gets cold after 30 minutes. A heated drink holder will keep your beverage warm and cozy for hours on end. This drink holder sits right in place of your normal drink holder. It will come with a button, which you can just push to turn it on. Some models turn on automatically when you put a drink in them. 

Better Shocks

Driving around will be more comfortable, and also more enjoyable, if you upgrade the shocks in your truck. This is a more expensive upgrade, but it is one your mechanic should be able to handle in a day or two. Better shocks will absorb some of the bumps as you drive through pot holes and over train tracks. They are also less likely to bottom out, so you won't cause damage to your truck if you go over a huge bump or curve.

Larger Rims

People often think of larger rims as a cosmetic upgrade, but they actually make your truck drive more smoothly, especially at higher speeds. If you traverse many highway miles on a regular basis, the larger rims will make a difference. You will find that the truck handles better in mud and snow, too. This is why larger rims are so common among those who plow with their work trucks or live in snowy environments.

Tonneau Cover

A tonneu cover that pulls over your cab will make life so much easier when you are hauling something delicate or sensitive. These covers seal well, so your stuff will stay dry, even when you drive through a rainstorm. If you're hauling something taller and can't fit the cover over it, you just roll the cover back and secure it in place.

To learn about more truck customization options, speak with a truck vendor in your area. Based on the type of work and driving you do with your truck, they can make some specific recommendations and give you an estimate. 


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