Is Your Volvo Poorly Idling? A More Serious Issue May Be At Play

Posted on: 21 June 2018

Volvo vehicles are high-quality cars that rarely run into any serious problems. However, you might have noticed that yours has been idling poorly over the last few days, weeks, or months. This common problem could be the indicator of a more pressing issue in need of a Volvo service.

Rough Idling Can Be A Major Volvo Issue

A rough idle without any misfires is typically caused by weak motor mounts. This problem occurs because your mounts aren't holding the engine properly and are allowing it to move in place. As a result, it idles less smoothly and can be very distracting. Even worse, it may be symptomatic of an issue that can lead to a more serious car failure.

The Cause Of Rough Idling Can Be An Even More Problematic Issue

Weak motor mounts probably sounds like a serious issue, and that is usually the case. In fact, a poorly-idling Volvo is usually just a symptom of more problematic issues. For example, if your motor mounts fail while you are driving, your engine could dip and end up hitting your tire. Even worse, it could fall out completely and cause a serious accident.

As a result, a Volvo that won't idle properly must be taken very seriously. This fact is particularly true if you understand how inexpensive it is to repair your motor mounts. If you catch this Volvo issue in time, you may end up spending very little to get your car idling smoothly again.

The Cost Of Repair Is Not Major

So if your Volvo is struggling to idle properly and you want to avoid serious engine problems, it is time to go to the repair shop. Thankfully, repairing motor mounts is not a vastly expensive job. In fact, if you go to your Volvo dealer and your warranty is still valid, there is a good chance you can get these repairs done for free.

The average cost of this repair is going to be somewhere around $339. The high end of its repair will be nearly $600, but this is only going to happen on higher-quality Volvo vehicles, like a newer XC90 or a similar luxury sedan or SUV.

So if you own a Volvo and you can't seem to get it idling properly then you need to get it to the repair shop as quickly as possible. These professionals will inspect your motor mounts to ensure that you aren't about to drop thousands of dollars on a broken engine.


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