4 Ways Regular Oil Changes Help Your Vehicle

Posted on: 28 October 2019

If you drive a vehicle, you more than likely know you are supposed to get regular oil changes. However, do you know why your vehicle needs regular oil changes? Oil changes provide lots of benefits for your vehicle. Some of the top benefits provided by regular oil changes are outlined below.  

Benefit #1: Keep Your Engine Clean  

First, when you get regular oil changes, you keep your engine clean. Over time, as the oil flows through your engine, it picks up dirt and other particles from throughout your engine. Additionally, small dust particles from the environment can also get into your engine and then into your oil. Changing your oil on a regular basis helps remove these damaging particles not just from the oil, but from your engine. 

Benefit #2: Protect Engine Parts 

The oil in your engine helps various parts of your engine move and work effectively. For example, your engine oil helps lubricate the crankshaft, connection rods, pistons, and the camshaft. These are just four of the many parts of your engine that the engine oil helps keep lubricated and working properly. Changing your engine oil provides your engine with clean oil that helps all the other parts of your engine to work effectively. 

Benefit #3: Better Engine Operations 

The oil that you add to your engine is not the same oil that you drain from your engine. Over time, the oil in your engine breaks down, and the viscosity changes. As the viscosity changes, the ability of the oil to effectively lubricate your engine decreases as well. Your engine oil starts to build up sludge over time. By the time you change your oil, the oil that is coming out is structurally different than the oil that went into your engine.  

Regularly changing your engine oil on time helps ensure that you always have clean oil that is not being held down by sludge running through your engine. Clean oil helps your engine operate more effectively and improves the overall performance of your engine.  

Benefit #4: Improve Gas Mileage 

There are so many factors that impact your overall gas mileage, from how you drive to where you drive to how you take care of your vehicle. Taking proper care of your engine by changing the oil on a regular timetable is just one of the many steps you can take to ensure your engine runs properly and to improve the overall gas mileage of your vehicle.  

Regular oil changes keep your engine clean, protect the intricate and expensive parts inside of your engine, help your engine operate effectively, and can even contribute to better gas mileage from your vehicle. Pay attention to the mileage or date you are supposed to get your oil changed, as this simple task has a serious impact on the overall performance of your vehicle.  


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