3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Family Vehicle To An SUV

Posted on: 22 July 2020

For years, your family has gotten by with a sedan. However, if the vehicle is no longer meeting your needs — it might be time to upgrade to an SUV. If you are planning to purchase a new vehicle for your family, discover some of the reasons why an SUV might be the right choice. 

1. Upgraded Flexibility

As your children get older and get more involved in activities, the demand on the family taxi, or family vehicle, will change. For example, your children might need to transport gear, or you may need to transport a few extra children occasionally. Sedan seating is standard, but with an SUV, you get upgraded flexibility. 

With a rear adjustable seating option, you can keep the seats up when you need room for extra passengers and fold them down when you need to transport gear. Best of all, in many luxury SUVs, such as some Audi models, the third-row seat function is all automated, so the process is effortless and fast.

2. All-in-One Vehicle

In today's uncertain times, more people are forging air travel and instead, traveling in their family vehicle to stay safer. Without a doubt, travel in an SUV is often far more limitless than travel with a sedan. 

Whether your journey takes you to a busy urban area or off-road to a quiet and distant campsite, your SUV is an all-in-one vehicle that can handle off-road travel with the same ease it does a city road. With a sedan, this level of flexibility is often unachievable, and in fact, can result in costly damage to the vehicle if you decide to take it off-road.

3. Supports the Entire Family

A great family car should be one that supports the entire family; not just the family members with two legs. Your four-legged family members deserve to be just as comfortable as the rest of the family, but often time, a sedan cannot provide this comfort.

SUVs have large cargo areas that provide ample room for your pet to spread out and relax. In many sedans, due to limited space, pets have to travel in kennels or squeeze into whatever space is left on the floor, which is not ideal. An SUV will support the entire family. 

If you think that SUVs are large and unattractive, you are misinformed. These vehicles are stylish, comfortable, and luxurious. Head to a local Audi dealership to see just how many features these expansive vehicles offer.


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