Six Things To Do To Make Sure That You Don't Overlook Needed Vehicle Service

Posted on: 5 October 2021

Having needed service done on your vehicle is the most important thing you need to do to keep your vehicle in good shape and avoid breakdowns. Unfortunately, vehicle owners sometimes overlook needed service.

The following are six things to do to make sure that you don't overlook needed vehicle service. 

Read through the maintenance schedule for your vehicle model

If you don't want to overlook needed service, you need to be aware of what service your vehicle needs. The best source of information on needed service is the maintenance schedule for your vehicle model.

Look over the maintenance schedule so you know what service is necessary and how often.

Schedule your next service appointment immediately after having service performed

Preparing in advance helps you to avoid overlooking service that's necessary. If you want to make sure you don't forget needed maintenance, consider scheduling your next service appointment before leaving the mechanic when you have routine maintenance such as an oil change done. 

Set reminders for service appointments on your phone

Whenever you realize that your vehicle needs service, you should set a reminder on your phone. This is an easy and convenient way to keep up with vehicle service needs. 

Have a general inspection of your vehicle done when you go in for service

It's a good idea to have a general inspection done by your mechanic each time you come in for service. If you have an inspection done, your mechanic can more easily become aware of service that your vehicle needs or malfunctioning parts that need to be replaced. 

Go to the same mechanic when you need service done

When you go to the same mechanic, you know that service you need is being handled by a professional who is already familiar with your vehicle. You know what to expect and can trust the level of service you'll receive. Going to the same mechanic makes it likely that your mechanic will be able to remind you of upcoming service you need before you forget about it. 

Pay attention to your warning lights

Your warning lights could be a good indication that you've forgotten to have needed service done. Your warning lights should let you know when your oil level is low or when your tire pressure is low.

Make sure you respond to your warning lights right away so that you don't overlook needed service and repairs too long. 

For more information visit a mechanic who offers services for your specific vehicle such as a Chevy service professional.


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