Super Mobile Surprise: Buying A Parent A Car As A Present

Posted on: 27 October 2022

One common wish children have as they grow up is to be able to do nice things for their parents someday. Adult children whose parents sacrificed a lot when raising them may be looking for practical ways to help their parents once they are on their feet as adults. If you and your siblings want to show appreciation to your parents by giving them a practical gift, a new car is an excellent way to achieve this goal. If you and your siblings are all in on getting your parents a new vehicle, here are some ways to make the purchase easier. 

Settle on a make and model by talking to your parents

Choosing a car for your parents while keeping the purchase a secret will be difficult. One of the ways that you can find out more about what car your parent may desire is by asking them how things are going with their current vehicle. Asking if their current car needs any servicing or if the current car is driving well will hopefully bring up any complaints or praises they have about their current car. Common new complaints could be that the car feels too large or too small for their needs. Others will desire to go with a different brand on their next purchase. Any small complaints will give you information on what make and model will work best for your parent's new vehicle. 

Talk over muti-person financing with an auto dealer

If you have multiple siblings and are all pitching in for the car, it may be possible to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle in cash. If the car that you wish to purchase for your parent cannot be made in cash, it is possible to get financing for a multi-person purchase. The best way to go about this may be for one or two people with excellent credit to be on the loan with a personal agreement with any other siblings. It may also be possible for each person to finance a portion of the loan for the car. Speak with the financing department at the particular auto dealer to find out how the financing will work at the particular dealership. 

Invest in a car and brand that will be easy to modify

Anyone purchasing a car for an aging parent should be mindful of purchasing for the long term. If your parents have any health issues that crop up, such as mobility problems that make getting into a small car more difficult, you may find yourself trading in a vehicle sooner than you thought. Look for cars that are easy to modify for mobility aids and have space for items such as cans, walkers, and wheelchairs in the event your parent needs them in the future. Easily modifiable cars are a good choice for now and will have a positive impact on the future. 

For more information about buying a new car, such as Ford vehicles, reach out to a local auto shop.


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